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Head Voice Development – Harness the True Power of Your Voice

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Head Voice Development – Harness the True Power of Your Voice

Singing in the head voice is difficult for many people because it makes your voice carry. There’s no hiding it!

It’s not like singing low in the chest where you can sing under your breath and no one can hear you. Belting out in the head voice takes courage and a lot of self confidence.

Sometimes singers don’t want to sing in the head voice because it sounds weak and thin. The temptation to pull the chest voice up into the high notes is strong in order to keep the voice rich and full.

However, contrary to the mediocre training that’s so prevalent in singing today, the head voice does not have to sound weak and airy.

Your head voice can – and should – sound amazing, rich and powerful.

Done well, the head voice is full, rich with emotional intensity, musicality and total ease.

Any time you listen to one of your favourite singers and say to yourself «(S)he sounds AWESOME!», chances are that person is using the head voice. That’s what gives them their carrying power.

If you’d like to achieve this kind of «awesomeness» in your own voice, then here a few concepts that you should adopt.

1.) Great voice training is like gymnastics

All of my life, I’ve been told to relax completely when trying to sing. If you’ve watched my videos on YouTube, you’ll see me pounding this idea out as well.

I’ve always passionately believed it.

But in the last few months my lessons with Robert have turned this completely upside down.

Don’t get me wrong… the last thing you want to do is sing with constriction. The only way to ruin your voice is to force it, so you never want to push on your voice too much.

But you do have to put some energy into it!

Imagine walking into a gymnastics or ballet class and having the instructor tell you that all you have to do is relax and you’ll be able to do somersaults in the air in no time.

If it’s your dream to sing with full emotion and expression, you need to use your muscle.

2.) Singing in a powerful head voice takes effort, but NOT force.

It takes energy, but NEVER struggle!

By listening to your body, you can develop your voice to its maximum potential safely and without worrying about hurting yourself.

And you can do it in any style you choose. Forcing your voice is the only way to injure it.

3.) Powerful singing takes less air, not more

The real secret to supporting strong, full high notes is too use less air, not more.

Think of a water coming through a garden hose. A lot of water may be coming out, but it doesn’t go very far. But if you take your finger and partially block the opening, then you can spray the water a lot further.

You get less water, but more projection. The same concept applies to your voice.

For more sound, hold back the air using the intercostal muscles in your chest.

This reduces the amount of air hitting the vocal chords, but increases the pressure, and gives the voice amazing richness and carrying power.

When you can sing with a full voice using head tones, you’ll have a lot more fun singing, and those listening to you will be blown away. It’s well worth the effort!

Source by Jane D Thomson

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