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Learn How to Jelq – 7 Ways to Learn the Jelqing Technique to Increase Penis Size

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Learn How to Jelq – 7 Ways to Learn the Jelqing Technique to Increase Penis Size

If you want to learn how to jelq to increase your penis size, then congratulations. You’ve chosen to learn the ONLY true, natural, and effective way to get a bigger penis.

The most important thing is learning how to jelq properly. Here are 7 ways on how to learn the jelqing technique to increase penis size:

1. Articles. There are some decent articles that will give you some instruction on how to jelq. This is a good “base” to get an understanding of what jelqing is going to consist of.

2. Books. There are books you can get on jelqing, but you probably won’t find them at a bookstore. These obscure guides are best found online at book seller sites like Amazon.

3. E-Books. This is a more convenient and quick way to learn how to perform this exercise. These books can be downloaded instantly right off the internet and they usually include just as much, if not actually more information on enlarging exercises.

4. Forums. You can find some forums online that will discuss this exercise and some will provide specific routines.

5. Membership Sites. These are sites you join and then you receive all the information you need on how to perform effective jelqing for size increases. These are usually the most complete sources of jelqing info, and they usually GUARANTEE you will gain size.

6. Videos. You can learn jelqing from videos, but most of the videos will be on membership sites or other private sites that you have to join. These will be explicit so you won’t be able to find them on the usual video sharing sites.

7. Free Videos (non-explicit). These are actual free videos that you will be able to find online, either on blogs or video sharing sites. Now, keep in mind these will NOT be explicit in nature. But they will demonstrate the technique by using an object, like a banana, to show you how the jelqing technique is performed.

Source by Chess McDoogle

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