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Top 3 Advantages of Learning Forex From Home Compared to Attending a Live Seminar

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Top 3 Advantages of Learning Forex From Home Compared to Attending a Live Seminar

I first knew about Kishore M 4 years ago in a financial trade show in San Diego Convention Centre over the weekend. He was going to hold a 3 day forex coaching seminar in a hotel in another state. I could not attend that seminar because I had to take care of my 5 year old boy and my 1 year old daughter which needs a lot of my attention. My husband comes home pretty late from work and I can hardly find time to attend a 3 day seminar away from my family.

The disadvantage of going to a 3 day seminar was that I had to take a 4 hour drive and I had to pay for my own hotel stay. On top of that, meals were not provided. These were all additional costs on top of the USD988 that I had to pay for the tuition fees alone.

A few months later, I received an email from Powerup Capital that they were going to have Kishore’s forex coaching seminar totally online. It was their attempt to make their seminar an e-learning experience for the sake of convenience of their students.

Here are the top 3 advantages of learning forex from home compared to a live seminar:

1. I can watch Kishore’s tutorial videos in my own free time. I usually have about 2 hours of personal time when the kids are put to bed. This is the only period of time that I can sit down and learn. So watching the tutorial videos in my own free time is most comfortable.

2. I can only learn so much in a 3 day seminar. Usually time is limited in a 3 day seminar because the lecturer could not spend time repeating his lectures to every student. The advantage of learning forex from home is that I could replay the tutorial videos over and over again until I fully understand what the lecturer was trying to say. Besides, repetition does help my memory especially on a new subject like forex trading.

3. Convenience. When I learn forex from home, I can be very comfortable. I don’t have to dress up, drive to the hotel, go for meals or pay for parking! When I learn from home, I could just order a pizza and start the learning process right from my laptop! Hey even if my kids are awake, they could watch the videos together with me and learn a thing or two from Kishore M. Afterall, it’s financial education that could help them in future.

Alright that’s all for now. If you like to know more about Kishore M’s forex e learning course, feel free to check out:

Source by Jennifer Winfrey

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