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Voice Mapping Versus the Grinch – Healing the Holiday Blues

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Voice Mapping Versus the Grinch – Healing the Holiday Blues

How many ways does your inner Grinch sabotage the holidays? When you gather with relatives, do you get caught up in the replay of old arguments? Are you treated as though you belong at the children's table? Do you feel lonely and isolated amidst happy revelers? Or do you simply feel exhausted and overwhelmed by the expectations of the holidays?

Dr. Jill RachBeisel, director of community psychiatry at the University of Maryland Medical Center, states, "People often hold on to what they remember as an ideal holiday from years gone by, and are unable to reproduce it. 'everything must be perfect', and perfection is rarely obtainable. "

Help is available from voice mapping, a new development in biofeedback. Voice mapping is a technology that uses the frequencies in your voice in a biofeedback process. Scientists have discovered that vocal frequencies have a connection to stress and trauma buried in the core of your being.

In, The Molecules of Emotion ", Neuroscientist Candace Pert, PhD, describes how the brain protects itself from overload by storing stress and trauma in muscle tissue. The" stuck "memories create imbalance and blockage in the pathways that carry your body's energy. to acupuncture, voice mapping unblocks the stuck stress and trauma that is feeding the Grinch, freeing you from its influence and helping you replace painful triggers with a sense of inner peace.

In some cases, holiday blues originate from the ways in which you and your parents behaved with each other in your earliest years. This affects your behavior and relationships outside of the family as well. Brenda (not her real name) realized during a voice mapping session how her response to a traumatic interaction with her parents when she was three years old became the underlying dynamic driving her everyday life. Before the session, she was exhausted keeping up with the demands of her family and feeling guilty about wanting to leave her boyfriend who showed no interest in moving forward in their relationship. She also felt she had no time for the things she wanted to do for herself. All of these feelings were exacerbated during the holidays.

The release Brenda experienced during her session combined with the insight she gained provided her with the resolve to make immediate changes in her life. Within a week, she had established new boundaries with her family, broken up with the immovable boyfriend and was very happily spending time taking care of herself.

Another client shared her experience with family reunions before and after a voice mapping session that dealt with issues she had with her mother. "I'm used to having at least three fights with my mother during dinner. After my first voice mapping session working on my feelings about Mom, I went to dinner with her and found that while she hadn't changed her behavior, I had changed mine – her behavior didn't trigger me any more. I simply sat there and loved her for being my mother through all that she had been through in her life. Over time, as she no longer experienced me reacting negatively to her, her behavior also changed for the better. Now I feel more connected to her than ever before. "

Healthier than using alcohol or other forms of avoidance (shopping, drugs, overeating, isolation, etc.) voice mapping can help release the pain that "feeds your Grinch." When the pain is gone, your Grinch will disappear.

Source by Matt Kramer

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